The vision of St. Joseph of Nazareth is to be the leading boarding school In Uganda producing 1 capable analytical constructive and independent thinking citizens. To do this we need to be successful in all spheres of life. I bring you five character traits of an eagle you can embrace such that you fly beyond even the sky.

Have a clear vision. Eagles are known to be the animals with the clearest vision their eyes are more like those of humans. Eagles are known to spot their prey 3km away from them. As an individual, you need to set a clear and realistic vision that which relates to your skills and abilities. At times students blurt out how they want to be doctors yet they can’t even calculate a mathematical number. You want to be an engineer yet you can’t fix a radio. So have a clear vision which relates to your abilities.

Be fearless. Eagles are known to be fearless hunters. Eagles can never surrender to their pray golden eagles can even hunt on goats larger than themselves. Just like eagles you shouldn’t be afraid to take risks in life and to get out of your comfort zones. It is known that overcoming challenges is what makes life more meaningful.

Be determined. Eagles never fear storms they fly in storms unlike other birds in fact eagles spread their wings and use the current to fly higher. The fact of the matter is never he a victor without fighting a war. from situations doesn’t make you a better performer.

Be a high flyer. Successful people are problem solvers. They do not complain like chickens do. When the storm comes they love to take challenges as eagles do. Always remain focused on what inspires you. You must have high hopes and work to inspire others to greater heights. When eagles fly they make less noise than other birds. They are always waiting patiently for opportunities to strike.

Invest time in nurturing the young. Eagles feed their eaglets eight times a day more than any animal has ever fed their young ones. You should always take time to invest in others if you take time investing in others the they will also invest in you. You can’t be a leader if you de not give time to your subjects neither can you succeed in life without others you reap what you sow if you reap friendship you sow friendship. In conclusion to be the best person in life you need to set . example to others that people will look at you and say they learnt a lot from you. Let us By like eagles.

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