Integrity and commitment for academic excellence Every journey in this world begins with one step and at St. Joseph of Nazareth we treasure and strongly believe in integrity, commitment, faithfulness and excellence as core values in our lives. I joined St. Joseph of Nazareth this year (2019 ) and I had never seen a school with such magnificent structures. I have seen the students become more disciplined and staff dedicated to their work like never before, to produce the best students not only in Mpigi but country wide. We thank the Almighty Lord that St. Joseph of Nazareth High School Kavule was ranked number one in Mpigi last year.

As we continue to celebrate ten years of existence in the academic arena, I strongly believe that one day we will be ranked among the top ten schools in the whole country. I encourage students to remain disciplined, religious, focused on their main goal which is academic excellence and determined to push for greater performance. I would like to thank the Principal Director Omulangira Dr. Paul Mawanda Kyabaggu and the Co-Director Mrs.Margaret Kyabaggu for their tireless efforts and contribution towards improving the academic standards of this great institution.

Our dear parents, thank you for entrusting us with your children and supporting us. We appreciate.

Mr. Yiga Charles Director of Studies

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