Music Dance and Drama

6th April, 2015 will go down in the antiquity of St. Joseph of Nazareth not because it was the date when it was started but because after several years of existence, finally its maxim ‘Education for life’ was given life when they made the first performance in Music, Dance and Drama.

The Principal Director, Prince Kyabaggu Paul, The Head teacher, Deputy, Teachers and Parents embellished the occasion. The students showcased their endowments in Folk Songs and Dances, Local and International mimes, and Drama. The four houses thus; Charles, Kizito, Balikudembe and John Mary put up a spirited performance, each house unveiled oceans of talents, creativity and unprecedented art of presentation. It was a taut competition and if I were given chance to a judge I would have proclaimed all the four houses winners.

Mr. Aguruka (representative one parents), thanked the school administration for such a wonderful inventiveness to nurture talents, he opined children to embrace such opportunities so as to build on their confidence and he drew the lessons he had learnt from the performances. The Head teacher on the other hand, in his remarks mentioned that come next year the main hall will have better state of art with electric curtain, theatre like furniture and a bigger audience so as to give the performances their due value. The Principal Director, Prince Kyabaggu Paul in his remarks acknowledged all those who participated in making the day very colourful, he appreciated the parents for their time and devotion to the school programme.


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