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20 April 2015
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It’s always a good gesture to appreciate nature since it shows how good you are when it comes to courtesy when it comes to courtesy, well in this case the art class we are doing our best of our ability. Fine art, which is presumed to be wide in coverage according to the new uneb setting is quite difficult to handle
and time consuming, i should be honest with you. But this isn’t what artists have in mind. To take it on one must have a passion, an addiction/ obsession for the subject because it digs deep into nature or even our minds (imagination). Look outside the window or even looking at ourselves in the dressing mirror each time. we are in the bedroom be it the surrounding with its amazing geomorphology and topology. These leave an ordinary student gasping in awe to scrap work not knowing how these came about. The answer is a simple is a simple one if you have attended your art lessons “elements and principles”,………am talking about line, shape , balance,tone,colour,proportionality,dorminance,variety,unity and harmony. These basing on the different forms of art have built with time to modern tends to 3d graphic animations and textiles as well as designs. Through this wonderful subject we are able to study history of greek art with this we learn how different forms of art were used like the ancient paintings of early man from time memorial to the greek methodology of clay work up to date .Then there is an existing, interesting, sizzling and fabulous section called graphics! This is our when we cultivate and gild right to the last brain cell yielding composure and patience to produce computer-like-information with a lot of precision and accuracy as i told you. To achieve all this you got to strive and you will surely survive coming uneb exams to fall prey of the” natural law” i wish you excel only.

By Ahabwe Edgar’s F.5A

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