Blessed beyond Measures

20 April 2015
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Itis a golden opportunity to convey my greetings to JONAHS’ fraternity. For the five years I have been in St Joseph of Nazareth, I wish to share this with my fellow students; “to attain success, you must know your weakness, talents, interests and values”. Take care of your own responsibilities without asking for extra support. If you do not get support for your ideas, do not be surprised. You are who you are because you are meant to be so. I am inspired by successful people who have made their destiny from zero to heroes. I am also driven by my dreams in my heart’s desire. Achieving vindication is a time consuming and ill-considered ambition I appreciate all the readers of “The Epitome” magazine, the efforts you have extended to JONAHS and I pray incessantly that you continue with that good will towards our school. The school and all the gigantic, you will always remain at my heart and the sky will be limit.

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