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20 April 2015
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Leadership is not a weekend trip but a life time journey. When it comes to leadership many run away due to its aspect of service. That’s why leading many others takes courage for a bright future and more so knowing a right decision is easy but making a right decision is hard. Leadership is a natural gift from God which any human being is entitled to. Let you ignore leadership, with time you will be a leader while administering your family. Being a leader is one way of upholding and solving social aspects of life. Really, you leaders you are so great people, for instance you bear public hatred, endure persecutions and criticisms. Who is not talked of bad as a leader unless the leaders that buys cheap popularity from their subjects. In most cases I normally ask myself how I can manage to carry the burdens of the whole society or an organization but the only conviction I conclude with is “leadership is not easy but hectic.” And what beats my understanding is that even our careers we normally tend to pursue require some leadership skills like Managing Directors in organizations and companies.

By Ann Augustina Form 5 arts

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