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18 April 2015 Author :  

St. Joseph of Nazareth High School consistently performed very well at U.C.E as well ass U.A.C.E over the years and has been the leading star in MPIGI  DISTRICT and in Uganda. As a consequence, there is great pressure for admissions, whereby many unfortunately, are turned down.

We are proud to count this as one of the many innovations of 2015,all geared towards a systematic and deliberate effort to transform this great institution into a towering academic giant we dream it to become.

Great tribute to all its stake holders ,more so those that have been directly involved in the“Brooding of the egg that we have seen hatch today”

The launch of our website obviously comes with immerse benefit s to all stakeholders. I have no vein of intention to labor expounding on these like the proverbial roasting of ground nuts for hens.

Every time we get new innovations in our communities and workplaces, I always get great inspiration from my greatest role model- Nicola Machiavelli who wrote in his Book “The Prince –“I ought to be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to take hand in ,more perilous to conduct , or more uncertain in the success than take the lead in the introduction of a new 0rder of things because the innovator has two great enemies: All those who did well under the old conditions and indifferent among those who may do well under the new conditions”

It is my sincere hope and prayer ,that we shall all embrace this great innovation .Now make it a point to regularly visit our website. Let the feedback flow Enjoy.

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